Maree London

As an Intern for Maree London, I assisted in all aspects digital which included administrative duties such as helping in […]

I AM MX – passport campaign

I AM MX is a campaign that aims to tackle gender equality and show empathy towards the 0.4 % non-binary […]

I’ll put up with anything for my Dreamies

A comedy advert for Mars’s brand Dreamies with other London College of Communication students. Team and roles: Soleil Redwood: Team […]

Final Sleep

Final Sleep – A project that made up of portraits of sleeping on public transport taken over several months. The […]

JNPS – Web Design

JNPS is a technologies web design project that aimed to inform users of 3D printing in the present and its [...]

The London Project

The London project was a team based project looking at the practise of psychogeography, the art of exploring urban environments […]


Taylor from Soleil Redwood on Vimeo.  As an applied studies project , our teams were assigned the task of creating […]

Staff Conference – Rocky Balboa Parody

To promote the staff conference 2013 at Lewisham Homes, films were created to increase staff morale. The idea for a […]