I AM MX is a campaign that aims to tackle gender equality and show empathy towards the 0.4 % non-binary gendered population.

The campaign is compiled of a website, poster campaign and social media, for our prototype of a gender neutral passport. In the sample the section sex is labelled Mx, these prototypes were made using Indesign, photoshop, foiling technique and binding.

Website: http://mxpassport.businesscatalyst.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/I-AM-MX-203369733356287/


Some of the posters from the campaign:




Ninotchka Rai: Photography
Yumi Saito: Website designer
Soleil Redwood: Photography, designer
Vincent Torodov: Team leader, designer
Gabriele Bartolio: Team leader, designer
Sofya Bronnikova: Social media