edited-for-website-web-2JNPS is a technologies web design project that aimed to inform users of 3D printing in the present and its future prospects.

The team was made up of five members, two designers, two content writers and a team support member, drawing on each others strengths JNPS was formed.

Team members:
Soleil Redwood- Team Leader, Lead designer, Video editor
Ninotchka Rai – Content writer
Jasmine Spera – Designer
Alina Ledina – Team support
Phindile Vilana – Content writer


Tweb-4he website was designed in Adobe Muse CC in a monochrome theme. The images for the site were taken ourselves from research or sorced commerically free and then I edited using Photoshop or Illustrator. Early on in the design process we knew we wanted to use clean images that welcomed the user into the page.

The user interface contains tinted navigation, slider images and boxes aswell as the main navigation menu, all of which divide the page into readable sizeable sections and is made to be easy to navigate.


Credit for commerical images:

  • allnightavenue, https://www.flickr.com/photos/allnightavenue/,  Source